Addressing the immense environmental, economic, religious, and political challenges of the 21st century requires a fundamental rethinking of how humanity consumes global resources and defends or redevelops political, cultural, and spiritual identities.

The European Union has a special significance in the western hemisphere due to its long historical development. Learning from Europe's history and its conflicts helps to avoid mistakes in these new challenges, and fosters the creative competition of cultures and ideas. At the same time, its multicultural fabric is highly innovative and has the potential to act as a role model beyond the current European borders. Within it, Provence has an exemplary historical role, ranging from historical cave paintings, ancient conflicts, medieval religious wars, to the reformulation of European and Mediterranean identities.

The academy aims to promote creative structures that are committed to the development of new European ideas. It is dedicated to finding answers to the challenges of the 21st century through reflection on basic values, identities, and artistic and creative practices. To this end, the association supports the development of a thinker / artist community, committed to exchange and teaching. Central ideas are the critical questioning of industrial developments and the strengthening of human elements such as solidarity, diversity, sustainability, intellectual and creative innovation.

Core ideas of this practice feed a ThinkTank committed to the dissemination and implementation of innovative European ideas. The activities of the think tank include the publication and dissemination of ideas at congresses and in public organizations, and are actively supported by the association.
The academy is charitable, non-profit, committed to the development of the European idea, international understanding, cultural promotion and utopian development, and is based in Saignon, France. It supports the development of the above-mentioned structures, the organization of seminars and symposiums, as well as the dissemination of creative ideas and products. An explicit goal of the association is the cooperation with public organizations and the public impact.

Course offerings (examples)



Mixed media




Perfume exploration 

Experimental writing 

New philosophy

Acoustic arts / composition

Textures 3D,

Languages (French, English…)
Grundkurse (Color, perspective, rhetoric, geometry, html) 

Responsible life
Bike workshops

 Courses last from 2-10 days and follow a rigorous structure of morning and afternoon classes, workshops, lectures and excursions.