CoArt - participants

Daniel Plettenberg/Didine van der Platenvlotbrug

Is a political activist, performer and comedian. SHe also gives lectures in philosophy and is member of a think tank of the German Government. SHe is founding at the moment together with artists and activists from all over Germany a museum on the perception of femininities in the former red light district St.Pauli and is also founding member of the Provence Academy.

Christoph Klütsch

Art historian and philosopher. From 2007-2018 he was professor of Art History at SCAD with special interest in contemporary art, critical theory as well as the history of Provence.  From 2015-2018 he was the academic chair of SCAD Lacoste until he founded the Provence academy. From 1998-2003 he worked as concept developer on many exhibitions and multimedia publications at TargetFilm in Munich. From 2003-2007 he worked as a scientific at the Jacobs University coordinator and coordinator for Eu-cultural projects at the University of Applied science. He speaks regularly at international conferences and lives in Saignon, France.

Blessless Mahoney

Philosopher, cultural studies scholar, drag queen. Lives and works in Hamburg. Reads a lot and writes. Since 1990 numerous cabaret productions and exhibitions as well as the organisation of ‘exceptional cultural situations’. Joint performances and action lectures in universities, cinemas and museums with Didine van der Platenvlotbrug.

Blessless Mahoney creates household altars as a form of engagement with the world & being in her private and artistic work.

Daria Kinga Majewski

- „when the sky is the limit, we need to discuss gravity“. One of  the leading contemporary feminist and transgender voices in Germany. She is a journalist, essayist and acitivist,  constantly creating a better world for everybody, by engaging in the liberation of Sexuality, Love and Gender.

Nicole Helmerich

As a systemic and bodywork coach, trainer and consultant I am a passionate navigator for teams, groups and individuals through the deep sea of life and the coastal regions to reach your next port.

Imagine embodying your dreams, your lust of life, your challenges and your hope in COVID times. Feel the waves of life within your body, de-block your frustration and mobilize the mindful adventurer in you. Reduce the noise in your head, connect with your body, mind and soul and let your heart be your compass

Sean Moxie is  the head and chef behind the website To share my  vegan kitchen knowledge with more people, I started my website at the beginning of 2016. Meanwhile my blog became one of the most popular German vegan cooking blogs.
Besides of my blog I am a cook book author and I am working as the head chef at innerluck, a vegan restaurant in Hamburg. Before In the near future I am going to work as the head chef of a new vegan restaurant chain, developing the menus for all of the restaurants and working in the new venues to get them started. 
In the further future I am planning on working in my own vegan restaurant, focused on vegan haute cuisine.

Simon Schultz

Simon Schultz is a video artist and author based in Hamburg. His films and videos are interested in the social aspect of art and culture, and have been showcased in at festivals and exhibitions around the globe. Most notably, his early short doc "trans*march" (2013) is a documentary collage of the "10th Anniversary Trans Pride March San Francisco" that augments the powerful voices of the participants. His most recent short film "family of kink" (2017) is an audiovisual meditation on queer communities and their perspective on chosen family and community.

Upcoming publications include a historic perspective on queer film andtheater history in Hamburg during the German Autumn in the late 1970es. In the period of just three years, there is three important encounters happening in the city of Hamburg: a handshake of two generations of queer theater makers and their diametrically opposed formal approaches to are, a turn in the queer liberation movement from autonomous self-emancipatory groups to institutionalized movement organizations, and the rise of the cinéma d'auteurs with the first Film Festival of the Authors (Filmfestival der Autoren) happening in Hamburg including a surprising amount of queer films.

Simon's current artistic research is mapping the video production in queer communities during the HIV crisis in central Europe. Digitizing original video tapes from the Archives of Hamburg International Queer Film Festival, and creating collages based on these videos, he is starting a conversation on stigma, guilt, pleasure, community with former generations of queer video filmmakers.