Gap Year

After school or during their studies, many young people have the need to explore the world, to exchange experiences with others, to try new things, to do things themselves. The Provence Academy offers young people, who have finished school or are looking for a semester abroad, the opportunity to make a practical, artistic and intellectual assessment of their current situation and find orientation in a rapidly changing world.

Saignon is one of the most beautiful villages in France in the heart of Provence. It has a long history of artists who found a retreat here, inspiration and company. Julio Cortázar, Henri-Cartier Bresson, Pablo Neruda, Pablo Picasso spent much time in Saignon, a place where they lived self-sustained, experimented and learned.

In Saignon, students from all over the world can participate in the daily life of Provence, stay with host parents or share a holiday apartment. During the day, they all take part in daily life: harvesting, neighbourhood help, repairs to the countryside. Besides walking, sports, games like the traditional French bool, we visit historical places, museums, exhibitions, and parks together. Students can work online on independent research projects and work in groups on new ideas. In creative workshops we test strategies like Design Thinking to develop solutions for current problems of nature destruction, social problems or visions of a better future. Depending on what is on offer, workshops on photography, painting and drawing, or musical exercises are offered

In the spirit of the early 20th century Bauhaus, a school that had the vision to give artists a place where they could think freely to construct a better world, the Provence Academy was founded in Saignon in their memory on the occasion of its 100th birthday.

We offer extended stays from 3 weeks to 3 month. Please contact as at for further information.